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Some people think cover letters are pointless but tbh recruiters still like to see them, easiest way for you to think about this is that this is a concise BIO of who you are (yes, another one).

  1. Market research the organisation
  2. Don’t start every sentence with “I”
  3. Format: 3 – 5 paragraphs
  4. Your USP /Provide evidence to your claims
  5. Proofread.
  • doing your recon on the company

This should really be one of the first things.  The information is in the detail so use this as the framework for your cover letter and CV, you can build a great picture of the business from just taking a bit of time out to do some market research.  Also, some bits can be transferrable in what you have stated in your cover letter, which stands out but also shows that you have taken the time out to do a bit more.

  • Its so easy to say “I”

Have done this, and “I” have done that and tbh after a point it just becomes extremely generic.  Try to keep your cover letter as fluid as possible and make it more personable – refrain from the “I” s.

  • How many pages should a cover letter be??

The question that everyone wants to know – think of it this way. When your deciding on a book to read you don’t go to the from cover and decide that’s a great title. You turn the book around to read the synopsis at the back of the book which gives you a great breakdown of the book and with a great bit of skill entices you and pulls you in to purchase it and make it a reading choice.

This is exactly how you should think of your cover letter – needs to be punchy and to the point and not pages and pages long to bore you , it needs to gets to the point fairly quickly.

3 – 5 short paragraphs should be enough and if you want me to be clearer – no more than an A4 side.

  • Ok so why should I consider you?

What is your USP – said it may times YOUR UNIQUE SELLING POINT, once you know what you bring to the table to a business and I’m not talking about just generic key words which is the same old thing as everyone else does but getting down to the nitty gritty and pulling that information into actual scenarios or evidence to the claims you are outlining about yourself.

Back yourself with workable examples + evidence.

  • Proofread

It’s very easy to just have your head down, typing everything at speed as your in the flow.  It makes total sense in your mind, to you all is correct – but remember proofreading is your friend.

It may make sense you, on how you read things but to others its may not, make sure grammar, runs on sentences and just commas and capitals are used correctly, trust me this makes a big difference.  This goes for your CV as well.

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