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If you would like to apply for this role please share with us examples of your copywriting / social media work with your application. please attach this to your cover letter +  CV.

Email: info@ther3cruit.co.uk

Subject: Marketing & Social Media Intern


Job details

Salary: £10 – £12 an hour(depending on experience)

Job type

6 – 7 Hours per week. Start of 10th July 2022 to end of 10th January 2023 – there may be an opportunity to extend further

Role: Internship

About Us

This new and dynamic internet radio station based in London has 20,000 + listeners and growing.

The focus is playing music which people want to hear, as opposed to playing what is expected.  Specialising in RnB, 80s 90s classic Soul, Neo Soul, Reggae, Grime, Afrobeats, House.

We are  looking for a person who not only has an interest in music and the radio industry but someone who is also a social media enthusiast who knows how to create great videos and content for social media, who understands trends, how to create highly engaging content for TikTok and Instagram, twitter and facebook, and to keep the company website up to dated, all of this with a view to improve and promote our company’s online presence.

This role would suit someone looking to gain experience in social media management and campaigning experience.

OMDs this is sooooo me!

Are you passionate about music and social media and everything related to it?

We are looking for a friendly, enthusiastic, people loving, creative, team player and incredibly organised self-starter with a can-do attitude.  A social media guru (dare we say, influencer?) who is actively on all the social media platforms and totally get the nuances of how to use different features across channels to engage

Do you have a way with words?

Are you funny, warm and cheeky with clear succinct communication?

Does writing creative copy second nature to you?

This is a fantastic Intern opportunity for someone who is looking for a real hands-on experience with a young fresh company, If you are looking for a stepping stone and have big ambitions to do great things – All we want is someone with experience where you’ve engaged people, developed creative copy + content understands social media and pop culture trends, have ideas on top of ideas and has a curiosity – you’re going to be asked to dive in with all parts of the business, and your innate hunger to learn will help us overcome our challenges.

Are you a marketing/advertising undergraduate or graduate?


  • Marketing/ Advertising undergraduate / Graduate
  • Experience working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Experience working with Hootsuite
  • Can edit videos to a high standard
  • Developing social media accounts and increasing brand awareness
  • Analysing social media insights and metrics
  • Assisting in the creation of advertising campaigns
  • Posting of content to social media
  • Experience in copywriting, supporting the writing and scheduling of social media content
  • Excellent time management and organisation skills
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Meticulous eye for detail.

Why intern with us

  • Varied projects from persuasive writing, social media to data driven analysis
  • Experience projects from conception to delivery and beyond
  • Friendly and talented team
  • Remote and flexible working
  • Interest in your ideas, special talents, and creativity
  • Paid internship
  • Possibility of future role

Key responsibilities and accountabilities: –

  • Day to day management of social media marketing activities on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Injection Radio website.
  • Make regular daily posts in all platforms
  • Create and up upload content and images to the website and social media
  • Ensure each channel is scheduled and filled with content in-line with campaigns set by the Directors and Programme Manager.
  • Work closely with Radio Programme Manager.
  • Expand the reach and increase the engagement of social media activities, e.g., tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking and increasing social reach.
  • Plan and execute various campaigns to grow followers/ fanbase
  • Source and develop content (including stories, videos and pictures) to be used across social media channels using the appropriate tone-of-voice.
  • Monitor trends on Social Media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy.
  • Help create a cross-platform social media strategy to raise brand awareness, increase engagement and convert followers into customers
  • Evaluate metrics, monitor, track and report on people interactions with Injection Radio
  • Create engaging content that follows the brand’s visual aesthetic and tone of voice
  • Assist in developing and executing marketing strategies and creative campaigns
  • Regular weekly meeting with Programme Manager – preferably on a Tuesday
  • Contribute to developing a strong content strategy including but not limited to social media initiatives, partnerships, competitions, giveaways, and reach out to influencers
  • Apply your creative ideas and craft short-form video content for social media (in particular TikTok and Instagram)
  • Proofreading and checking copy prior to publishing
  • Be able to speak about our products and brand with passion
  • Research and keep up to date with competitors and the latest social media trends

If you’ve read this far, we bet it’s because you’re serious about being seriously friendly, and about joining a group of passionate peeps obsessed with creating everyday products that folks can fall in love with.

If you would like to apply for this role please share with us examples of your copywriting / social media work with your application. please attach this to your cover letter +  CV.

Email: info@ther3cruit.co.uk

Subject: Marketing & Social Media Intern