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We are a leading UK investment bank

That puts long-term success above short-term gain, helping good companies succeed and delivering outstanding results.

We have three business areas, but we act as one Peel Hunt.

Our integrated approach combines expert research and distribution, a range of investment banking services, and an execution services hub that provides liquidity to the UK capital markets.

“Our goal has always been to be the best, not the biggest.”

Steven Fine Chief Executive




The Peel Hunt Internship Programme is a six-week programme that offers participants the opportunity to work in the Peel Hunt Investment Banking division. As part of this programme, participants will have the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects, from a transaction such as an IPO or M&A project to a marketing presentation.




The programme is six weeks long and based at Peel Hunt’s London office in Liverpool Street, beginning in June. Each participant will have a dedicated mentor as well as the opportunity to attend networking events within the firm.


You will have the opportunity to work on a broad range of transactions, whether this be an IPO, a rights issue or an M&A project. You will gain exposure to all aspects of the deal including valuation, investment cases, transactional documents, financial and legal due diligence, and general project management.


You will be involved in helping to draft marketing materials for current and potential Corporate clients. You will also be asked to assist with various ad-hoc projects.

Supporting team members

Participants will work alongside a wide range of employees from the firm, from fellow interns to senior management. You will be responsible for supporting various sector teams (e.g. Consumer, Real Estate, Healthcare) and helping to contribute to the success of that team.

Depending on performance, there is the potential opportunity to transition into a permanent role upon completion of the programme.



At Peel Hunt, our four core values are

  • Encourage Greatness
  • Empower Each Other
  • Only Accept Excellence
  • Do the Right Thing

You should also be

  • A problem-solver
  • Personable
  • Self-starting
  • A team player
  • A good fit for our culture


The common characteristics and skills we look for include:

    Project management
As you progress in this career, a significant proportion of the role is managing and overseeing all the work-streams of a transaction – transaction documents, due diligence or marketing presentations, as well as all the working-parties involved. Therefore, you need to be a strong project manager. As an intern, don’t worry, we won’t ask you to run a transaction, but you will have to manage multiple tasks at any one-time.

Numeracy & analytical skills
You will be dealing with numbers a lot, so strong numeracy is a core competency. We are not looking for the next Einstein, but you need to have a good grasp of skills including computation, probability and statistics. You will also be involved in helping to research and analyse data, whether this be the financials of a takeover target, the trends in UK house prices or the movement in a company’s share price.

Good communications skills
This might surprise you, but much of the job involves writing, whether this be a marketing presentation, a transaction document or just an e-mail. Many of the senior team members studied non-science degrees including History, English, and Classics.

Competitive nature & a team-player
We operate in a highly competitive industry, so we need competitive employees in order to maintain our edge. However, we value and reward those who put the firm’s goals ahead of individual ambition as we believe working together delivers better productivity and results.

    Interpersonal skills
We spend a lot of our time interacting with a wide range of people, whether this be speaking with clients, meeting new companies or discussing ideas with fellow colleagues. As such, you need to be good at interacting with all types of people. As part of your role, you will have the opportunity to work with a broad range of Peel Hunt employees as well as clients and other professional advisers.

    Attention to detail
The work we do supports major events in the corporate history of our clients, whether this be a floatation, a takeover or a capital raising to fund a growth project, therefore it is a necessity that our advice is built upon accurate and detailed analysis.

Keenness to learn & positive attitude
In this role, you never stop learning – sector trends, new business models, regulatory updates or learning about yourself. We believe a positive attitude is essential as it not only inspires a more creative and constructive way of thinking for our clients but also a supportive culture within the firm.

    Proficient at IT and Microsoft Office
Much of the work is computer-based using Microsoft applications – particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Word. You will receive formal and on-the-job training on other applications including Bloomberg, Fidessa and Factset.

An interest in the capital markets
Our core competency is advising listed companies, so you need to be interested in the Capital Markets.

    High achieving all-rounder
We are looking for high-flyers who have been consistent high performers. To be good at this role, you need to be strong at all the above skills and competencies, not just exceptional at one or two.



How to Apply

The programme runs during the summer each year. Applications are now open and will close 22 February at 5pm. Applicants must have completed their first year at University, have a strong interest in Capital Markets and have excellent academic qualifications..

There are two stages to the assessment process:

  1. Submission of a CV and cover letter (using the link below). The cover letter should be no longer than 250 words and should state why you would like to join the Peel Hunt Investment Banking Internship Programme.
  2. A face-to-face meeting with the Peel Hunt senior management.


APPLY HERE : recruitment@peelhunt.com

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