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About Us

Efficio is the world’s largest procurement consultancy operating across ten offices in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

We help organisations reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realise cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term.

We identify, deliver and sustain savings using the Procurement Engine, a unique and highly efficient deployment model combining people, knowledge and technology. It enables our client teams to transform their procurement capabilities by accessing the on-demand expertise and know-how of our 400+ consultants, in combination with our bespoke procurement technology platform eFlow.

At the heart of our technology is the collective procurement knowledge and category expertise of our highly experienced consultants. They have worked with hundreds of large and mid-sized global organisations from across the private and public sector over many years

We draw on this extraordinary pool of knowledge and content to benchmark and ultimately transform your organisation’s procurement capabilities.

The results are greater cost savings delivered faster and more sustainably, allowing your organisation to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.

Our headquarters are in London and we have offices in Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Milan, New York, Paris, Riyadh, and Toronto



Efficio is currently looking to hire a full time Data Analyst intern to join our “Year in Industry” programme within the growing Digital Delivery team. This programme will run from 6th September 2021 to 26th August 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates or students currently in the penultimate year of their degree to gain experience in an innovative and fast-paced environment.

As part of Efficio Digital, the Digital Delivery team delivers a range of standard and bespoke technology products to our clients to complement our market-leading eFlow platform and procurement consulting services.



Candidates will either be familiar with SQL and at least one visualisation technology (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau) or have a strong interest in these and willingness to learn quickly. We are looking for someone who likes operating in a varied, fast moving, dynamic environment and enjoys contributing towards continuous innovation, efficiencies and learnings of the whole organisation.

Interns will initially undertake a comprehensive training program to learn about Efficio in general as well as specific Digital Delivery training focussed on the latest products and technology being used. This will be followed by shadowing and supporting experienced Digital Delivery consultants in their day-to-day activities.

A typical engagement involves design, creation and implementation of both standard and bespoke BI solutions using SQL and Tableau, or an implementation of our eFlow suite. Tasks may include defining the problem, documenting requirements and designing associated processes. Most of our team are all-rounders, able to tackle any phase of the technology transformation cycle.

By the end of the programme, candidates can expect to understand the principles of data modelling and manipulation in Excel and SQL, and be able to build basic data visualisation dashboards. Candidates will also leave with experience and knowledge of spend analytics best practices and an understanding of the procurement lifecycle and how each stage can be supported effectively with technology and analytics. There is an opportunity to receive a full-time job offer if performance expectations are met.

This internship will take place remotely or in our London offices, depending on government guidelines at the time.

Key Responsibilities

  • Use SQL to load, transform and query data from a variety of sources
  • Produce well designed Tableau dashboards that are easy to use and allow users to draw actionable insight from their data
  • Support the creation, updating and review of various client eFlow instances
  • Research and categorise data
  • Present outputs to internal and external stakeholders
  • Support our culture of continuous improvement by bringing innovative ideas, new technology and new processes to the team
  • Author clear, concise technical documentation



Essential Requirements

  • Working knowledge of, or interest in learning, SQL (preferably MS SQL) and/or Tableau or other visualisation technology
  • A strong academic background
  • A keen interest in working with data
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving ability
  • Proactive, enquiring approach

Desirable Requirements

  • Proficiency in the use of Excel and ideally PowerPoint


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