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THΞ ЯΞCЯUIT are a boutique Talent Acquisition Agency, matching employers with prominent talent.


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The Details

Ours is a story of ingenuity and relentless technical development. Of grit, and heroism, and human endeavour. Of knowing and believing that we’re only at our best when we’re at our bravest. Of

So, we’re taking the pursuit of better seriously. We have huge plans for our future. We’re making incredible things happen.

McLaren Racing has a longstanding heritage tracing back to founder Bruce McLaren in 1963 and take great pride in our legacy. We strive for the fearless pursuit of better and to succeed in Formula 1.


With a passion for performance excellence, we bring together a distinctive combination of technology, mindset and capabilities – including high performance design, analytics, simulation, sensing and control systems – to make innovation a reality for our partners. We partner with world leading businesses across many sectors; what unites us is a desire to prevail in whatever we do. Together we strive to be the best or to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of performance.

A work experience placement with McLaren Applied will expose the student to all areas of our business. You won’t believe what we get to work on.


Our values

We Win:

Definition: We rise to every challenge and strive for success. We maximise our changes through continuous investment, development and improvement and working as a team.

We make things happen:

Definition: Anything is possible. We push boundaries and challenge each other. Others watch what we do and follow our lead. We are known to be innovators and pursue opportunities for growth.

We take it personally:

Definition: It’s personal here. We understand how each one of us contributes to the whole picture. We are professionals who take pride in our work.

We work together:

Definition: We achieve our goals by building positive relationships; internally across our business and with our partners and customers.

We enjoy what we do:

Definition: It feels good to come to work. We recognise that we work in an extraordinary environment and we are proud of our business and our brand.

Please note that our applications will be open to students in Year 10 and 11 and our applications close on 3 March 2020.

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