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About The Company

OC&C is a global strategy consulting firm with 11 offices around the world. We work for senior executives, providing solutions to some of the most exciting strategic problems in consulting today. We work across all sectors, but our London office specialises in Analytics, B2B Products & Services, Consumer Goods, Leisure, Media & Technology, Private Equity and Retail.

More than 30 years of unpicking the most complex business challenges with simple, uncommon sense.

We’re an international consulting firm, but we’ve never seen size as an end in itself. Our expertise is focused on a few core specialisms, allowing us to deliver results that get noticed.

Our people are agile thinkers, cut from different cloths but united by a relentless curiosity and desire to solve problems.

To us, each client challenge is unique, so boilerplate solutions don’t cut it. We interrogate a problem until we find its root. Then we develop a powerful way to solve it. We don’t duck the difficult answers, we give clients the strategies they need.


Internships at OC&C offer a real insight into the world of strategy consulting.

From day one, you will be helping tackle the most exciting strategic problems in consulting today. Your primary role as an Associate Consultant intern is to support the delivery of strategic advice to clients. You will provide professional advice to the senior management of major international corporations and deliver the analytic modules assigned.

To make sure you are fully equipped, you will receive a week-long induction where you will have training in the consulting skills needed for you to succeed and you will also be taken through real project examples.

Over the eight weeks you will work on multiple projects, giving you an opportunity to meet more of our consultants and try your hand at a broader range of tasks. Whether conducting field research or analysing data, you will be able to add your own insights and value to the team. Working in small teams means you will have exposure to all parts of the project you work on and a chance to work closely with our Partners. There will also be opportunities to socialise and network outside of your project team.

The Internship takes place during the months of July and August and is only open to students in their penultimate year of study.


About The Candidate

We are looking for candidates with:

  • An excellent academic background; you are currently achieving a high level of academic achievement at University. In addition, you will have a minimum of two As and one B (or equivalent) at A-level.
  • Clear and creative thinking; who love a challenge and enjoy working on a team.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Professional approach and attitude.

At OC&C, we aim to provide a workplace which allows brilliant people to flourish, irrespective of their background. This begins with our recruitment, reducing unconscious bias by reviewing CVs without candidate demographic information.

We ask that all candidates remove their name and contact information from their CV and cover letter before submitting alongside their application. Please submit your CV and cover letter in one document.

Please also make sure that any correspondence from OC&C Strategy Consultants is included on your email providers safe sender list, as occasionally candidates have missed communication from us when emails have been directed into their junk folder.


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