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The Mayor wants London to be the ‘best big city in the world’. His work includes making it easier for people to move in and around the city, improving London’s environment, helping the capital’s businesses to thrive, providing Londoners with more affordable housing and giving young people in London more opportunities.

The Mayor runs important services in London like policing, fire and transport, with an annual budget of £17bn.

The London Assembly holds the Mayor to account on behalf of Londoners. It regularly questions the Mayor and investigates important issues in London.

Together, we are the Greater London Authority. Based at City Hall, more than 800 staff are employed to support the Mayor and Assembly in their roles.



Role Profile

Job title:                    Press and Marketing Intern
Bursary:                      £23,504 per annum       
Directorate:              Strategy and Communications
Unit:                            The Mayors Press Office
Team:                         The Mayors Press Office

Job reference number: MEMA2021
Contract type: Fixed term (11 months)
Closing date: Monday 14 June 2021 at 23:59 GMT
Interview date: wc 05 July 2021 (stage 1) and wc 19 July 2021 (stage 2)
Salary: £23,504 per annum
Grade: 1

Purpose of post
This internship is aimed at those from BAME communities who are interested in pursuing a career in PR or marketing but who lack the experience to achieve a permanent role.

Two interns will be appointed at any one time and internships will last 11months in total.  Interns will split their 11 months evenly between the Mayor’s Press Office and the Marketing & Digital Communications teams, gaining in-depth experience of working in media relations, marketing and digital communications.

Interns will join the fast-paced Press team, responsible for promoting the high-profile work of the Mayor of London and dealing with a wide range of media. They will immerse themselves in the busy Marketing and Digital Communications teams, which devise creative, impactful campaigns and engage Londoners via a suite of digital platforms.

Interns will develop high quality written and verbal skills, knowledge and understanding of how the media works, of using digital communications to engage with audiences and invaluable experience of working on integrated media relations and digital marketing campaigns.



Overall Learning Objectives
The internship will provide the post holder with first-hand experience of working in a busy press office and in delivering marketing and digital communications campaigns.

They will develop an understanding of how City Hall works and the role of the press and marketing teams within the GLA’s working environment.

The internship will provide a supportive environment in which individuals can practice and develop the skills required for future success in the PR and marketing industries.

Specific Learning Objectives
Throughout the internship the post-holder will have opportunities to shadow professional officers, provide support to the teams and undertake hands-on activity to allow them to practice and develop key skills and experience.

Press Office

  • Learn how to implement a wide range of media strategies and support the press team to proactively generate news coverage, including writing press releases, articles and briefings.
  • Contribute to the co-ordination and planning of media events and announcements and develop an understanding of the media environment.
  • Learn how to deal with media inquiries effectively and accurately.
  • Contribute to the team’s forward planning and assist in maintaining a media grid.
  • Contribute to the monitoring of news relevant to the Mayor and City Hall and learn how to effectively rebut inaccurate coverage.

Marketing & Digital Communications

  1. Learn project support skills and techniques to support and assist in the delivery and evaluation of the GLA’s integrated marketing and communications plan
  2. Practice planning, executing and delivering small scale integrated marketing campaigns for GLA led and supported projects, overseen by the marketing team.
  3. Support the team by producing, maintaining and distributing project documentation such as action plans, project plans, budgets and meeting notes, booking rooms and assisting with data entry
  4. Learn how to develop timing plans for projects and track progress against marketing plans and project plans, communicating with the project team members to ensure deadlines are met
  1. Learn and practice digital techniques to support the team, including developing good content informed by analytics across social media, email, web and video to meet strategic purposes.
  2. Understand how to develop good working relationships with the GLA’s network of suppliers, internal and external stakeholders


  1. Realise the benefits of a flexible approach to work in undertaking the duties and responsibilities of this job, and participating in multi-disciplinary cross-department and cross-organisational groups and task teams
  2. Realise the benefits of London’s diversity by promoting and enabling equality of opportunities and promoting the diverse needs and aspirations of London’s communities

Key contacts
accountable to:          Head of Media and Head of Marketing Campaigns.
accountable for:        resources allocated to the post
principal contacts:     Press officers, Senior Press Officers, Deputy Head of Media, Head of Media,Senior Digital Marketing Officer, Digital Communications Manager,Senior Marketing Officers, Marketing Executives, Strategy & Communications teams



Skills and experience required

  • undergraduate or recent graduate of BAME origin on track to receive, or has already received, a 2:2 in any degree; or have one year’s experience in media, PR, marketing or other related field.
  • A demonstrable interest in media, PR or marketing and in developing a career in these industries.
  • Verbal and written skills appropriate to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently with a wide range of media, staff and managers.
  • Ability to use a wide range of digital communications channels and information systems and competent in the use of Office and Outlook software.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the media and particularly its reporting of London issues.
  • Excellent time management skills to plan and prioritise personal workload effectively and the ability to work collaboratively with team members.

Behavioural competencies post holder will develop

Stakeholder Focus
… is consulting with, listening to and understanding the needs of those our work impacts and using this knowledge to shape what we do and manage others’ expectations.

Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Listens to understand requirements without making assumptions
  • Demonstrates an enthusiastic and ‘can do attitude’ to all requests
  • Provides timely, accurate and personalised responses
  • Provides a polite and helpful first point of contact for stakeholders
  • Learns from feedback to improve personal service to others

Communicating & Influencing
… is presenting information and arguments clearly and convincingly so that others see us as credible and articulate, and engage with us.
Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Represents self and team positively within the organisation
  • Speaks and writes clearly and succinctly using appropriate language that is easy to understand
  • Considers the target audience, adapting style and communication method accordingly
  • Communicates persuasively and confidently
  • Checks for understanding

Planning and Organising
… is thinking ahead, managing time, priorities and risk, and developing structured and efficient approaches to deliver work on time and to a high standard
Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Plans and prioritises own workload to meet agreed deadlines
  • Advises colleagues or manager early of obstacles to work delivery
  • Perseveres and follows work through to completion
  • Checks for errors to ensure work is delivered to a high standard first time
  • Effectively juggles priorities

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Responding to Pressure and Change
… is being flexible and adapting positively, to sustain performance when the situation changes, workload increases, tensions rise or priorities shift.
Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Stays calm in pressurised and demanding situations
  • Responds flexibly to changing circumstances
  • Recognises when unable to cope and asks others for help
  • Demonstrates openness to changing work priorities and deadlines
  • Maintains personal well-being and achieves a balance between work and home life

Organisational awareness
… is understanding and being sensitive to organisational dynamics, culture and politics across and beyond the GLA and shaping our approach accordingly.
Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Understands the structure and statutory responsibilities of the GLA
  • Understands how own role and work contributes to team and organisational objectives
  • Understands the role of the GLA, the Mayor and the Assembly in relation to Londoners Is sensitive to the culture and political context of the GLA and uses it to work effectively
  • Treats GLA information as sensitive and confidential

Managing and Developing Performance
… is setting high standards for oneself and others, guiding, motivating and developing them, to achieve high performance and meet the GLA’s objectives and statutory obligations
Level 1 indicators of effective performance

  • Keeps up to date with new processes and information in own role
  • Seeks opportunities to develop, taking responsibility for own personal development plan
  • Takes a methodical and consistent approach to completing work in line with personal objectives
  • Seeks clarity on objectives, ensuring a good understanding of expectations
  • Openly shares constructive feedback, supporting the delivery of own and others’ work.

Reasonable adjustments
Reasonable adjustments will to working arrangements will be considered to accommodate a person with a disability who otherwise would be prevented from undertaking the work.



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