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The Details

About  Billion Dollar Boy

Billion Dollar Boy is a Creative Agency for The Influencer Age – we harness the collective power of thousands of vetted global influencers and content-creators.

Social media is our playground. We were founded to specialise in influencer marketing, we view it as a discipline, not an add-on.

We are a team of experienced and intuitive editors, producers, account managers and art directors whose visionary ideas are brought to life with meticulous execution. We don’t believe in templates; we create bespoke solutions.

We believe that creativity is at the heart of all success on social media. With the creative capacity and aspirations of both brands and influencers ever-expanding, we ensure that creative excellence is our company’s true north star. It’s empowering social media; it’s changing the global ad business and launching exciting new brands; it’s every BDB employee’s last thought at night and our inspiration every morning.

BDB supports luxury brands like Armani, Shiseido Group, La Prairie, Pandora, BMW and Grand Marnier, as well as mass consumer brands like Doritos, Pepsi, Mars and Primark. Working with vastly different brands and their audiences keeps us smart, nimble and (dare we say it) ahead of the competition.



Our Culture
Billion Dollar Boy is a hyper-caffeinated transatlantic creative agency with 80+ employees and counting in London, New York and New Orleans. We are actively creating campaigns across 7 continents with top brands spanning categories of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, consumer goods, food and beverage and automotive. We are harnessing the power of influencers to win hearts, catch eyes and reinvent advertising as we know it.

We encourage employees to be open and confident and appreciate that every member of the team makes a vital difference.  Outside working hours we enjoy regular socials, team lunches and team building.

Our Values

  • Collaboration is key
  • Creative to the core
  • Quality at scale
  • Integrity & Inclusion is everything

We encourage employees to be open and confident and appreciate that every member of the team makes a vital difference.



Job Overview
We’re looking for a Research & Reporting Intern with a willingness to learn and an enthusiastic attitude to join our team.

Role & Responsibilities 

As a Research & Reporting Intern, you can expect to be actively working on influencer campaign reports, database management and research.

You will develop an understanding of how to:

  • Conduct research and analyse data to drive insights and write up reports
  • Use relevant media analysis tools
  • Analyse business challenges and to analyse data on brands and topics
  • Provide insights into this data that are relevant to client briefs

Your role will be broad and varied so you need to come with rolled up sleeves and be eager to learn!



Skills we’re looking for from you

  • Proficient in Google Sheets / Excel
  • Strong analytical & data driven skills
  • Proactive, detail-oriented  and have a problem-solving mindset
  • Strong communication skills

Perks & Benefits

📓 Training
We offer formal training for our employees. From soft skills, to inclusion to technical skills we’ve got you covered.
🚀 Travel
Where we can, we encourage travel to visit our international clients.
🌎 International Exchanges
As a reward for great performance, we send staff to work between our New York/London offices.
⛺Annual Leave
We offer generous holiday allowance of 25 days. 1x additional day of annual leave per year of service (up to 5). On your third year of service, you’ll get an another 5 days for that year!
🎁 Other Perks
Access to products from our fantastic brand partners.
Pension Scheme.
Recruitment introduction scheme.
Salary sacrifice for tech & bike purchases.
Introduction bonus for clients and recruitment


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