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April 29, 2024 5:00pm – 6:00pm (GMT+00:00) Edinburgh

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Please take a minute to complete this registration prior to the event, and contact the Deutsche Bank Team with any questions.

At Deutsche Bank we continue our journey to embed diversity and inclusion in our culture and people practices. Our initiatives include supporting the advancement of women and members of under-represented groups through targeted outreach to attract, hire, and enable enhanced career planning, leadership development and exposure to opportunities.

The purpose of the panel is to empower, educate and inspire 2025-2026 graduates who are interested in a career in Fixed Income & Currencies. At the Women in FIC virtual event, you’ll discover career opportunities in Fixed Income and Currencies, and will be introduced to our inspiring female colleagues from FIC who will help you explore the future you want to build.

 Our panellists will have different career journeys, and a wide range of academic backgrounds, including non-finance and STEM degrees, they will share firsthand experience and insights into their day to day.

The Early Careers recruiter will also cover the 2025 application process, and a few top tips on how to navigate the interview process. The event is specifically designed for 2025 and 2026 graduates who identify as female, but all students are welcome to attend.


About Deutsche Bank

At Deutsche Bank, we give original thinkers the space and support they need to shine. Merging local knowledge with global vision, in-depth insight with industry-leading digital expertise, if you’re an innovator by nature, we can help you to unleash your potential.

We see things differently at Deutsche Bank – and we’re proud of our fresh perspective. Today, we’re driving growth through our strong client franchise, investing heavily in digital technologies, prioritising long-term success over short term gains, and serving society with ambition and integrity.

Wherever your interests lie – in investment banking, trading, private wealth, asset management, retail banking – or many of the infrastructure functions that support them – you’ll discover resources, training and opportunities designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

Intelligence has no boundaries: we welcome high-achieving, talented individuals from any background.

If you’re full of imagination, enjoy solving problems and respond positively to complex challenges, discover a career to look forward to at