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Summer 2024

Starwood Capital Group is a private investment firm with approximately $115 billion in assets under management and a primary focus on real estate. The Firm maintains offices in Miami (Headquarters), Arlington, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Greenwich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and affiliated offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London and Luxembourg.

Starwood Capital’s hallmark is to invest opportunistically, moving between asset classes, geographies and positions in the capital stack as the firm perceives risk/return dynamics to be evolving. The firm has invested in nearly every class of real estate on a global basis, including residential, hotel, office, retail, industrial and student housing assets.

Our size and structure provide Off-Cycle Interns with a high level of responsibility and the unique opportunity to work directly with senior management, joint venture partners, investment bankers, brokers, and commercial lenders in all real estate asset classes and across several European geographies. You will generally be working in lean deal teams, made up of an MD, VP/Associate and Analyst.

Job Overview:

As an Off-Cycle Intern at Starwood Capital, you will play a pivotal role in the dynamic environment of asset management, primarily focusing on the meticulous monitoring and reporting of asset-level performance. This entails a comprehensive approach to identifying potential challenges while actively contributing to the refinement and execution of existing asset business plans across different geographies and asset classes.

Duration: 3-6 months

Key Responsibilities:

Working on Special Projects: Interns will be engaged in diverse projects, these projects will provide valuable hands-on experience in strategic decision-making and financial modelling.

Interacting with Joint Venture Partners: Interns will have the opportunity to collaborate with joint venture partners, fostering professional relationships and ensuring alignment in strategic objectives. Effective communication and negotiation skills will be essential in navigating these interactions.

Monitoring Business Plan Performance: Interns will actively monitor the execution of business plans, promptly identifying any deviations from projected outcomes. Through proactive measures, they will contribute to the timely correction of variances to ensure the attainment of performance targets.

Reviewing and Reporting on Plans, Budgets, and Schedules: Interns will critically evaluate business plans, budgets, and schedules to pinpoint opportunities for profit maximisation. They will leverage their analytical skills to provide actionable insights and recommendations to their line management.

Assisting the Acquisitions Team: Interns will support the acquisitions team by assisting in the underwriting process for potential real estate and structured finance acquisitions. This will involve conducting due diligence, financial modelling, and risk assessments to evaluate investment opportunities.

In summary, interns will be immersed in a multifaceted role that encompasses financial analysis, market research, strategic planning, and collaborative engagement with internal and external stakeholders. This hands-on experience will provide valuable exposure to the intricacies of asset management within the real estate industry.


  • Strong academic background having recently received an undergraduate or master’s degree.
  • Some relevant prior work experience through internships in investment banking, private equity, real estate investment or similar
  • Native level written and spoken English
  • Proficiency in Word and Powerpoint, with a mastery of Excel.
  • Superior analytical, quantitative and technical skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Highly organised
  • Strong judgement and decision making skills
  • Ability to perform advanced mathematical calculations
  • Good knowledge of accounting and finance
  • Ability to work independently and as a team, in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels internally and externally
  • Strong work ethic with the ability and desire to work unsociable hours
  • Second European Language is advantageous.

About Starwood Capital Group

Starwood Capital Group is a private investment firm with a primary focus on global real estate. Founded in 1991 by Chairman and CEO Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital’s hallmark is to invest opportunistically, moving between asset classes, geographies and positions in the capital stack as the firm perceives risk/return dynamics to be evolving. To execute this strategy, Starwood Capital has built up asset-class and geographic expertise in our target markets. In its pursuit of the most compelling opportunities globally, Starwood Capital has invested in more than 30 countries, ranging from the Americas to Europe to Asia. Starwood Capital is led by seasoned professionals who have successfully navigated all stages of the real estate investment cycle, with dedicated teams focused on acquisitions, asset management, capital markets, capital raising/investor relations and accounting.
Further information is available at starwoodcapital.com