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Sixth-Form Internship Programme.

Applications for the July 2024 programmes are open

ABOUT THE PROGRAMME This week-long programme for sixth formers is a way to get experience discussing economic ideas and concepts beyond the exam curriculum. The week will include lectures, discussions, and debates with expert economists. Participants will hear from people in academia and politics about career opportunities, and at the end of the week the interns will debate on current affairs.

AIMED AT: A-Level / IB students


“I honestly enjoyed it so much and miss my whole time there! I will make sure to recommend it to anyone interested in economics.”

“I have truly found this to be an invaluable experience and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to participate!”

“I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for economics and an intellectual curiosity to learn more.”


The IEA Future Thought Leaders’ Programme (Sixth Form) is a one-week summer internship with a focus on economics and public policy. Interns participate in a series of lectures delivered by experts, addressing pressing current issues such as globalisation, inequality, solutions to combat climate change, inflation, the housing crisis, political realignment, and the regulation of digital markets.

In addition, the IEA delivers professional development sessions led by industry professionals, offering insights into careers in finance, academia, think-tanks, journalism, and more. During the programme, interns prepare for a policy challenge debate which takes place on the final day.

Former interns have pursued varied career paths, and the IEA extends continuous support to its alumni, emphasising not only guidance but also fostering networking opportunities. Alumni are regularly invited to invitations to private receptions, IEA book club discussions and policy panel events.

This programme not only introduces sixth form students to the world of politics, but also opens the door for further opportunities at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as cultivating lasting connections in a community devoted to shaping the future of economics and public policy.


Applications for the April intake have closed. Applications for the July intake are open.

HOW TO APPLY: To submit your application, please upload your CV and a cover letter directed to Ms. Clara Morrissey. In your cover letter, kindly articulate your reasons for wanting to participate. Click here to submit your application.

When completing the form, applicants choose between applying for the April internship or the July internship. The April intakes occur in the first two weeks, while the July intakes are scheduled for the second and third weeks of the month. Applicants must specify the month for which they are applying, but we cannot assure them of the particular intake they will be assigned to.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for the April intake close 23:59 GMT on 2nd February. Applications for the July intake close 23:59 GMT on 29th March.

COST: The programme is free, but participants will need to cover their own travel, food, and accommodation. There is a student opportunity fund available if required.

The internship will be fully on-site at our office in Westminster, London.


About Institute of Economic Affairs

The IEA is the UK’s original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955. Our mission is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems.

Given the current economic challenges facing Britain and the wider global environment, it is more vital than ever that we promote the intellectual case for a free economy, low taxes, freedom in education, health and welfare and lower levels of regulation. The IEA also challenges people to think about the correct role of institutions, property rights and the rule of law in creating a society that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and the efficient use of environmental resources.

The IEA is an educational charity (No CC 235 351) and independent research institute limited by guarantee.