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The award-winning Social Mobility Business Partnership runs multiple Work Insight & Skills Experience (WISE) Programmes for students in Year 12/13 (England and Wales), Year 13/14 (Northern Ireland) and S5/S6 (Scotland).

The programme will provide you with the opportunity to spend time with four different high-profile organisations where you will learn about their business, the career routes available to you and develop key skills by getting involved in interactive business-like tasks. Last but not least, you will also spend a day with a professional sports club learning about the psychology of resilience, coping mechanisms and goal achievement models.

Our Work Insight & Skills Experiences run for a full week giving you the opportunity to develop key skills employers look for when recruiting, learn from some of our 170+ business partners based across the UK and boost your confidence and motivation. Watch the video below to see what you can expect from the week!

Who can apply?

If you live in England or Wales:

Students applying must: 

  1. Be in Year 12 or Year 13; and
  2. Have attended a state-funded, non fee-paying school/college.

We prioritise places to students who: 

  • Have an average GCSE score of 5.5 or above; and
  • Are first generation* to attend university in their family; or
    Have been eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years; or
    Are from a low-income household.**

*First generation means that neither of your parents have been to university and got a degree. You count as being first generation to go to university even if the following people have gone to university: your foster parents, your care workers, your brother or sister, your biological parents (if you’re adopted), or a parent with whom you’ve had no contact during your secondary and post- 16 education.

**a low-income household is defined as such if the total household income is less than the areas average household expenditure. The table below details the average household expenditure by area:

Region Average Weekly Household Expenditure Average Yearly Household Expenditure
North East England £544 £28,300
North West England £578 £30,040
Yorkshire and the Humber £578 £30,035
East Midlands £618 £32,138
West Midlands £572 £29,768
East England £662 £34,444
London £766 £39,852
South East England £761 £39,597
South West England £672 £34,949
Wales £559 £29,077


Which partners could I visit during my WISE week?

Click here to see which partners participated in each cluster in 2022. Please note: partners may change each year and may not represent who will be taking part in 2023/2024.

When do the programmes take place?

Our programmes take place at the following locations on the dates specified. Please note if you do not live within a commutable distance from one of our locations or are not available to attend you can apply to our National Online Week which is hosted live online by a different business partner each day.


Programme Location

Summer 2024
(Date TBC)

Cambridge (Creative Industry Focus)


24th – 28th June 2024


Derry Londonderry

8th – 12th July 2024

National Online Week (all of UK)

15th – 19th July 2024

North East England†

22nd – 26th July 2024





Cardiff & Newport (Public Sector Focus)




North West England*




Rugby & Coventry

St Austell & Truro


29th July – 2nd Aug 2024


†Days delivered in Newcastle area
*Days delivered in Manchester area

Important Information for Students

  • Attendance on all five days is compulsory.
  • Travel arrangements for students to attend will be arranged and paid for by SMBP in advance. Please note if you do not live within a commutable distance from one of our locations or are not available to attend, you can apply to our National Online Week which is hosted live online by a different business partner each day.
  • Lunch will be provided for students on each day (excluding days that are hosted online).

About Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP)

A volunteer-led charity, SMBP is a collaboration of 170 commercial organisations, professional services firms and professional sports teams working in towns and cities across the U.K. All are committed to supporting students from low income backgrounds in their pursuit of a career in law, business and finance. Since 2014, SMBP has grown from offering opportunities to 20 students in London, to over 700 student places across the UK in 2021.