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At Orbis we take a different approach:

  • We believe investing should be accessible to all, from big private or institutional investors to everyday investors whose wealth and financial freedom we hope to build.
  • We are privately owned, so that there is no short-term shareholder pressure and we can make sure we always do the right thing for clients’ long-term interest.
  • We are willing to go against the herd in our investment decisions, looking for hidden and missed value and having the conviction of applying our strategy rigorously and consistently over time.

We believe it is the things we do differently that make the difference: our flagship global strategy has outperformed its benchmark by an average of 4.0% per year over 33 years.

The same applies to our recruitment decisions. We are looking for exceptional people with a combination of intellectual curiosity, strong analytical skills, outstanding judgement, and a track record of excellence and growth whatever their chosen field. Finance or investing experience isn’t necessary to be successful with us!

As an Investment Analyst at Orbis, you will have the opportunity to develop your stock picking skills in an inclusive work environment. Career development opportunities will depend on your individual talent, progression, and interests.

Why Orbis?

  • Culture. We are committed to our Core Values. We encourage intellectual curiosity and individualism as well as collaboration across different areas of the business. We seek to hear our people’s voices – whether quiet or loud. Sharing ideas and challenging the status quo are commonplace.
  • Autonomy. While guidance and support are provided, team members own their work and projects.
  • Growth opportunities. We support our people in continuous learning and development.
  • Agile environment. We are committed to providing our people with a work environment that balances their personal needs, commitments, and interests with the needs of their team and the needs of our clients.
  • Philanthropy. Our people can contribute to society in a unique and personal way, through various philanthropy opportunities and programmes.

What will your responsibilities be?

  • Conduct in-depth bottom-up fundamental research to evaluate investment ideas.
  • Articulate your views in reports and investment meetings (in both team specific and firm-wide settings).
  • Participate in meetings with investor relations and management teams of companies under research.
  • Candidates who convert to permanent positions will maintain a notional paper portfolio of their best investment ideas. This will objectively measure stock picking skill and serve as a valuable development tool.

Your qualifications & experience

  • Outstanding personal ethics and judgement.
  • Intellectual curiosity and the ability to think differently from the crowd.
  • Excellent academic performance in any subject. No prior finance experience is necessary.
  • Strong self-motivation and ability to thrive in an unstructured environment.
  • Analytical thinker.
  • Interest in a permanent position, following a successful internship.

Instructions for application

To complete your application, please submit your resume, cover letter and transcripts (all post-secondary to this point; unofficial are accepted).

The application deadline is 15 October 2023.


About Orbis

We are a global firm with offices across eight countries, over 400 employees and more than $30 billion in assets under management. But those numbers don’t define Orbis. It’s our values, how we do things day-by-day, and how we add value for our clients that define us.

Our investment philosophy is fundamental, long-term and contrarian. As contrarian investors, we aim to take a different perspective, and this filters into everything we do. To invest differently, you need to think differently. This is encouraged by having teams of people with different backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking.