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If you enjoy solving complex problems using math, data science and technology—Datathon is your next big challenge.

Compete with Motivated Peers

Datathons are competitions taking place throughout the year at a series of universities around the globe.

Participants split into teams to work through a large and complex dataset, then present their findings to a panel of judges. If you’re passionate about tackling the most interesting and critical challenges that impact global markets, a Datathon is for you.

  • Work with Data

Explore vast datasets to discover ground-breaking insights.

  • Solve Challenging Problems

Build data-driven apps to develop real solutions to socially impactful problems.

  • Compete for Prizes

Win a cash prize and eligibility to interview with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Datathon events?

Datathon events are held throughout the year at top universities. Click here for a listing of upcoming events.

How do I join a Datathon?

Submit your application and wait for an email from Correlation One. You will need to take a 60-minute assessment quiz.

How do I join a team?

If you are chosen as an applicant, it’s time to form a team. We will be in touch to help you form a team with other accepted applicants.

Things To Know

  • Undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and post-doc researchers are eligible.
  • Register using your official school email address.
  • Students need to complete an assessment form to be considered. It must be completed in one session without any outside help. Students who violate this rule will be disqualified.
  • The participant list is announced 3 days before the day of the competition. Participants will receive a technical packet with further instructions.

About Citadel

Citadel is a global investment firm built around world-class talent, sound risk management, and innovative leading-edge technology. For thirty years, Citadel’s hedge funds have delivered meaningful and measurable results to top-tier investors around the world, including sovereign wealth funds, public institutions, corporate pensions, endowments and foundations.

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