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Posted Dec 21, 2022 – Requisition No. 112649

Our Bloomberg Launch programme has been crafted to give candidates the outstanding and unique opportunity to boost their chances of securing a role with a global financial technology company such as Bloomberg. We know from experience that many candidates often possess the required skills to be successful at Bloomberg; but struggle to demonstrate those skills throughout our recruitment process. The programme is crafted to overcome this challenge and to give candidates the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. You will be joining our January cohort and will have some extra sessions focused on female empowerment.

Selected participants will receive a free license to complete the Bloomberg Market Concepts. By taking the BMC, participants will:

  • Learn about the financial markets.
  • Become familiar with over 100 Bloomberg terminal functions.
  • Practice articulating this knowledge with over 160 interactive questions.

In addition to the BMC, participants will benefit from 10 hours of interactive webinars and workshops delivered by a range of Bloomberg Professionals.

By taking part in the interactive webinars; participants will:

  • Meet with specialists from Analytics & Data to discuss the concepts taught in the BMC and to embed a deep/solid understanding of the content.
  • Spend time with recruiters from HR to understand how to submit a successful application, including tips on how to build a strong resume and how to perform well in an interview.
  • Meet with different employees across the organisation to discover the rich and diverse company culture.

Our Bloomberg Launch programme will run virtually from the 23rd of January 2023 to the 3rd of February 2023 and will have a 60 min or 90 min webinar each day at 2 pm London Time. You will be required to participate in all webinars. Deadline to submit your application for this cohort is the 11th of January at 5 pm London Time. We have rolling Launch programmes throughout the year.

Analytics and Sales Programme – What is the role?

You will start by completing our comprehensive Analytics & Sales training program, covering all aspects of the financial markets: industry principles, market players and asset classes – while teaching you all there is to know about the functionality and analytical tools Bloomberg has to offer!

You will join one of our Analytics teams, delivering exceptional customer support to our clients by providing fast and accurate solutions to their queries, while continuing to develop your knowledge through asset class and workflow specialist training.

There are multiple opportunities to further your career across the department or the company, with the majority of Analytics representatives progressing towards opportunities in our Enterprise Sales teams. You could also go on to take up a Leadership position, or take on a more specialized support role in our Advanced Specialist or Trading Solutions teams.

To be eligible for the Analytics and Sales programme you will need:

  • The ability to start a full time role in May 2023 or August 2023
  • Have graduated from all studies by 2023
  • At least 2 years’ previous experience in financial markets, preferably in a client facing role
  • A proven interest in Finance and Technology
  • Real ambition to pursue a client-facing career
  • Business fluency in German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Japanese alongside English is a plus

Data – The role

As a Data Analyst you will apply your problem-solving skills to manage the financial data that feeds Bloomberg products, identify innovative workflow efficiencies, implement technical solutions to enhance our systems, products and processes, and establish links with key players in the financial market.

Our Data Analysts possess a unique combination of business insight and technical aptitude, as well as strong communication skills and ability to build relationships with various stakeholders. They use these skills to extract, transform and load timely, accurate and comprehensive data accessible to our clients across various Bloomberg platforms, playing a key role in empowering our clients to make well informed business decisions. Providing exceptional support assisting our clients with their data queries is a key part to the role.

To be eligible for the Data programme you will need:

  • To be available to start a full time role in 2023
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, Economics, Accounting, STEM, or related degree or equivalent experience
  • Demonstrated interest in financial markets and concepts; understanding of finance and accounting principles and procedures
  • Demonstrated experience using Python, SQL or related languages
  • Experience in customer service or client relationship management within the financial industry
  • Business fluency in English

The amount of spaces is limited, and we will be progressing only with selected applications. Selected applicants that complete all mandatory webinars will be invited to complete a first round interview for the department they meet eligibility for.


About Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the world’s primary distributor of financial data and a top news provider of the 21st century. A global information and technology company, we use our dynamic network of data, ideas and analysis to solve difficult problems every day. Our customers around the world rely on us to deliver accurate, real-time business and market information that helps them make important financial decisions.

At Bloomberg, we are guided by four core values that are the foundation of our continued success: innovation, collaboration, customer service and doing the right thing.

We harness the power of data and technology to organize, understand and improve our world.

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