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THΞ ЯΞCЯUIT are a boutique Talent Acquisition Agency, matching employers with prominent talent.


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The ЯΞCЯUIT are talent scouts, and we are always on the hunt for unique individuals.

Are you more
than your CV?

If we have reached out to you and it all seems very cryptic then let us explain.
The rules of the game have changed, and the job market has shifted to a talent-driven market. Meaning that you have more control on your career path than you think.

Your future has arrived.

We work very closely with out talent to ensure that they are aligned and put forward to employers that are best matched with your criteria. If you’re invited to submit your details to us, and you are selected then you can expect support and advice via online sessions of

• A CV health check.
• Social presence health check.
• advice on your brand.
• Interview Techniques + Support.
• Alignment with prospective employers for work experience/ internships / Graduate Schemes or Employment in your area of interest.

This is a great opportunity to fine tune your CV and interview skills and approachability to potential employers.

Also helping you construct that roadmap into your own tailored careers choice.

Your commitment to us to help you in your career path is as strong as your choice to choose us.

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