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Getting Feedback (if possible) is so important for you to develop and understand where you could be going wrong on your application process and/or interviews.

Yes, it can be daunting to know where you have gone wrong but definitely ask.

Feedback will help you pinpoint the areas where you might be struggling. For example, if you got through to the interview stage then you can assume you have done well. However, if you did not pass the face to face virtual interview (as we are now in the new COVID world) then probably this is where your prep needs revisited and needs more work.

This is obvious but ensure you make notes of all the feedback your given. Whether it was an answer to a particular question or the image you presented to the employer. Sometimes we do things in interviews completely unconsciously so being aware of this.

ΛGΛIN, this can help you try to avoid it next time.

A common example is some applicants can come across uninterested or even not bothered in an interview but really that is just their way they present themselves when they are nervous.

Knowing this can help you to attempt to train yourself out of doing that; potentially through completing mock interviews to reduce the nerves.

As we all know COVID has changed the way for obtaining an internship, graduate scheme, or insight opportunity.  Assessment centres, virtual cover letters and Virtual interviews are all now done via videos and online. Embrace the Change!!!!

There is an advantage to this in some respects we can prep even more, record ourselves ask for further feedback /opinions from friends, family, lectures to get us totally ready.

Just understand that we must ΛDΛPT to what is happening, SOΛK up the feedback received, LΞΛЯN from it and IMPЯOVΞ on the areas that have been identified and push on.

It can only make you better.

Good Luck!


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