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THΞ ЯΞCЯUIT are a boutique Talent Acquisition Agency, matching employers with prominent talent.


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We are all about your personal brand

Why you may ask….Well THΞ ЯΞCЯUIT sees you as being more than your CV.  Your personal branding is about YOU communicating and presenting your value exactly how you want to be seen.

The perception or impression of you is based on your skills, experience, qualifications, competencies, actions and/or achievements within your professional, business, social and personal life, everyone now has a personal brand.


Have us review your online presence and give you some feedback that can help you achieve your goals.

The Narrative

Building and clarifying your professional narrative.

A clean up

At times can be tough, particularly if you are unsure what should go and what should stay.

Your Brand

Creating an online presence that reflects your values, skills, experience and personality.

Get In Touch

Let us help you in shaping your brand, we know you are more than your CV so lets us align your interest with the right employer.  We are not your typical recuitment house – you guide the process.


07506 563 885


    Control your narrative

    In today’s recruiting age once you have applied for an opportunity you are inviting that potential employer to have a look at more than what has been received via that email.  Your social presence is also up to be viewed.

    Who are you

    Whats the impression your leaving

    Can you be taken seriously

    What are you letting the world know about you

    What are your active channels on social networks