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Remember your CV is a breakdown of you – a window built of words to breakdown exactly the type of person you are, also it got to say that this is exactly why you need to get me in for an interview.

I’m sure you already know this – but no one gets hired just based on you sending a CV…….crazy right (SMH)

Four things that should be checking before sending your CV to anyone

  1. Ensure your CV is clear
  2. What is your USP
  3. Layout of CV is kinda confusing.
  4. Achievements / Skills are they relatable?
  • It sounds obvious but make sure your CV is clear

Should be broken down so its readable also annotations, splices, commas, grammar, sentences are all correct.  Even if you have to get someone to double check it for you – do it.  Employers can get annoyed on the smallest details and disregard a CV because of this so make it as correct as possible.

  • What is your unique selling point (USP)

You should really think of yourself as a business (yes you) you’re the asset, you’re the commodity that is in demand, and you attach your share price (again everything within reason)

There are always buyers and sellers, its how you market yourself and how strong your brand is.

Does your CV just have the 2 lines at the bottom of the page of your hobbies, let me guess, Gym, going out with friends, and football…………….let me give you a clue this is what everyone states and says nothing about YOU.

  • Again, another obvious one – but how is your CV structured?

Layout and the flow of your CV does make a difference. Have you just blurted out all the information on to pages with no sense of order or flow – think about the JD and how things should  be outlined to put your CV in the best light to show a potential employer why they should be getting you in for an interview.

  • Are my skills / achievements relatable to this role?

Just sending a CV does not mean that you will get an interview – the first question you should be asking yourself is

If your answer is yes, then the next step should be how can I outline this in the best way possible so it picked up and noticed so at least an interview will be possible.

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